7 Facts About the Furniture Industry in New Zealand

The size on New Zealand furniture industry is huge. There are many manufacturers who have been in the business for more than 30 years. It is one of the oldest businesses in New Zealand.

Most of these furniture manufacturing companies started off as family business and later grew into a big company with multiple stores across the country. Here are some interesting facts about the furniture industry of New Zealand..

1) New Zealand’s furniture manufacturing industry has 1,790 enterprises.

2) These furniture manufacturers are spread in both the North and South islands; mostly being in Christchurch and Auckland.

3) The furniture industry is a major contributor of New Zealand’s economy; they have an annual turnover of more than $1.3 billion.

4) The furniture industry is facing great challenge recently. There has been some increase in the import of manufacturing materials from low production cost countries like China; as a result, the local manufacturers are losing the market.

5) Import of manufacturing components is much more than the volume of export.

6) There is shortage of skills seen in sectors like cabinet-making; the employees do not have enough training on this.

7) The wages of employees are very low, thus, portraying a poor employment image.

Some furniture stores display foreign brands, especially Italian ones, besides the local brands. This shifts customer’s focus on famous Italian brands rather than those manufactured locally.

The furniture industry of New Zealand has huge potential. The local manufacturers must be encouraged to manufacture better quality products using excellent materials and craftsmanship. Once, positive brand image is created, customers will start preferring local brands to foreign brands. Price of furniture is also a deciding factor. The manufacturers should keep the price as low as possible so that the customers buy their products.

3 of The Most Amazing Furniture Concepts You’ve Ever Seen!

The design trend of furniture now is to use recycled materials. Up-cycled and free cycled goods are now used in furniture. Retro furniture and different vintage furniture are also trendy. This trend is on for both residential and commercial spaces.

Here are a few furniture design and concepts:



Lot of exposed wood with soft texture will produce a unique appeal. You can get furniture from an industrial design store or from other stores. Metal and wood are a great combination in furniture. You can get a wooden couch in living room. You can also have a coffee table.



This is the most functional room of the house. Some freedom space is required here. You can get a wooden bench top. You can place your juice machine or coffee machine here.

Entrance foyer

This space is very stylish and less functional. So, you can get creative decorating the entrance foyer with furniture. Things like shoe rack, mirror etc. can be placed.

aveji-24The home, in general, must have lot of exposed steel, metal and wood. If you can afford and get hold of stone or concrete, you must use these. It adds an extra appeal to your house. Taste of furniture varies from person to person.

You must choose furniture that matches the customer’s personality and the latest trend as well. Good furniture totally transforms the look of the house. Be it bedroom, lounge or kitchen, you should carefully choose your furniture. Furniture is not like your dress which you change often. It is a long term investment and requires extensive research.

Buy furniture from an established brand; this way, you will be able trust about the quality of the furniture. If you buy a good quality furniture, it will last you a life time.

4 New Zealand Furniture Brands That We Highly Recommend

People always have an extra appeal towards designer furniture. In New Zealand there are many established brands that make high quality furniture. Some of these are mentioned here.


David Shaw furniture has great designs and is amongst one of the best brands. Good designs and high quality last through the test of time and you will get exactly that in David Shaw. They have been in the business of furniture making for the last 30 years. They believe that their furniture is driven by customers’ desire.

Furniture NZ

Hunter Furniture offers a wide selection of stylish product designed to fit with every style of New Zealand home. The furniture available ranges from lounge suites in leather or fabric, dining furniture and cabinetry to outdoor furniture and occasional furniture. Hunter Furniture offer luxury and style in contemporary and traditional furniture at affordable prices.


It doesn’t produce furniture for the mass market. Their designs are unique. It’s furniture are made from very finely crafted materials, lovely fabric, high quality wood, and metal or glass finishing. It’s design concentrates on details. The company was established in 1959 at Christchurch, New Zealand by Stephen Kovacs. This was a family business which took inspiration from European artisans. They constantly research on creating distinctive luxury furniture.

logo (2)

Dawson & Co. is a well known name for designer furniture. They collaborate with their manufacturing partners and try to find out the best value product they can find. The craftspeople are very good at their jobs. They bring their materials directly from international suppliers. As a result, they are able to lower their cost and make the price of furniture affordable.

All of these brands are extremely trusted and respected in New Zealand’s market. We recommend that you visit their stores or their websites. You might just find the next piece of furniture you’re looking for!

How To Choose Bar Stools To Fit Your Home Design

Hunter Furniture New Zealand

Every bar owner desires the best for their homes. In line with this, as you make the choice of the stools and other furniture for your kitchen and bar, you need to look at the following factors. First is the need for the stools to be in line with the theme of the house or the bar area. Conforming to the theme will give the house a better look.

The stools need to be very comfortable. The sitting area should be properly padded and they should be of the right height. In essence, as you choose the stools, you need to ensure that the person sitting on them will easily reach the drinks on the tables. The stools should not be so high such that one has to bend significantly to reach down for the drinks.

The bar stool should also be durable so that you may use it for a long time. The material making it should last long enough. However, it should have the ability to remain fashionable or trendy for a considerable period of time. Hardwood bar stools may outlast those made of soft woods or even some plastics.

The choice between metallic, wooden and plastic components of the bar stools should be guided by different things. This can be the theme, the required look and even the cost. However, for each category, there are different qualities. Always go for the highest quality for durability and to get value for your money.

If you are not sure of the calibre of bar stools that would be the best fit, you can ask the assistance of a friends, family member or a designer. This will avoid situations where you make decisions that will cost you later on. The cost should correspond with the quality of the bar stools. Have fun while choosing these stools.

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